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"The rooted wanderer" oil on aluminium, 2017. 60cm*90cm Private Collection 

Moonlight on the fallen, oil on aluminium 2017.90cm*60cm Private Collection 

"Pink Inlet" Oil on Aluminium 2017, 60cm*40cm 2017

Private Collection of Ulster Hospital Collection

"The Ruin in the Reek" oil on aluminium 2017, 120cm*100cm. Private Collection

"Amber Marshlands" oil on aluminium 2017, 60cm*40cm Private collection 

Evening Mist on Red Bog, oil on aluminium 2017, 40cm*60cm .Private Collection

Green Dust Rising, oil on aluminium 60cm*60cm. 2017 Private Collection 

"Where The Crows Fly" oil on aluminium 2017, 90cm*90cm  Private Collection

Ghost Tree, oil on aluminium 2017.

40cm*30cm "Private Collection"

"Orange lake view" oil on aluminium,

40cm*30cm 2017 private collection

"Nighttime  Storm" oil on aluminium,

40cm*30cm 2017 Private Collection

"Two lakes with small group of trees" oil on aluminium 2017. private collection

Blue Bog Sapling, oil aluminium 2017, 30cm*30cm.

Donated  to SHOUT, SHOUT (Sligo Hospital Oncology Unit Trust) private collection

"Red Bog Sapling 1, oil on

aluminium 2017,

Private Collection 

"Red Bog Sapling 2" oil

onaluminium 2017, private collection

"The Gap" Oil on Aluminium, 2017. 90cm*60cm selected for this years RUA awards held in October.  Private Collection

Firestorm" Oil on Aluminium, 90cm*90cm 2017

Private Collection

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