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Wishing Tree, oil on aluminium, 120cm,90cm, Private Collection

Brassica Negra in Yellow Storm, oil on aluminium 2015, 80cm,40cm


Bogland Briar, oil on aluminium 2015, 30cm,30cm,Private Collection

Leitrim Bullrushes in evening storm, oil on aluminium 2015 120cm,90cm  private collection

Burning the Gorse, oil on aluminium 2015 70cm,70cm Dyptish. Private Collection


Purple Rain, oil on aluminium 2015 

private collection

The Last Wish, Oil on Aluminium

2015, 30cm,30cm Private Collection


Lough Na Hoo, Morning Cycle, Oil on Aluminium. 2015 120cm,90cm. private collection

" Wild Red Forest" Oil on Aluminium 90cm*90cm 2015

Private Collection


"Green bogland mist" Oil on aluminum 60cm*60cm 2015, Private Collection


Redbog sapling, oil on aluminium 2015. Private Collection. 

"Timing of the Clocks" Oil on aluminum Tryptish, each panel 20cm*30cm 2015


"Le Voyage Des Amateurs" oil on aluminium 2015. 30cm*30cm Private Collection

"Flooded Leitrim plains", 60cm*60cm 2015. Purchased by OPW


Sapling in mist oil on aluminium 2015, 30cm*30cm. Purchased by Leitrim Coco.

Mountain Mist

, oil on aluminum 2016 30cm*30cm Private collection. 

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